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The oscillating tube rain tester simulates the artificial rainfall, to test anti-rain, waterproof, and sealing performance for electronic products, auto parts, and luminaire products. This tester is applied in IPX3, IPX4 waterproof degrees tests. As per standard requirement, the oscillating tube with holes sprays the water to the samples on the rotating table, to complete the test.

IPX34 Oscillating Tube Rain Tester

  •  Support different radius of oscillating tubes to meet customers' various sample tests. And design a special wooden holder to put these tubes safely.Both test vertical height and horizontal distance are flexible to be adjusted. Users can press the “Up” and “Down” buttons on the PLC screen to control the tube mounting platform height. By manually moving the slide device on the base to adjust the horizontal distance.
  • A convenient assembly way to join three parts of the machine together by screw locking. User-friendly design.
  • Equips a high accuracy water flow meter and pressure meter, help users detect the water status before tests, meanwhile, users can set the flow value to the required one freely.
  • PLC touch screen with a waterproof cover to protect against water.
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